Sep 08

Andromeda Galaxy – M31

M31 – Andromeda Galaxy After more than a year I’m back with a new picture…the well known Andromeda Galaxy! Taken from my backyard on August 2013 under a suburban sky, with no light pollution filter, the result seems still decent even though there was evidence of big gradients on the raw image, that constricted me …

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Sep 10

M42 & NGC1975 – Noise reduction and final adjustments

Noise Reduction Next to the multilayer processing (part 1 and part 2) we can go through the final processing, consisting in noise reduction. Following image is the starting point for this final stage: To reduce the noise we will create a luminance mask to protect the high signal area. In fact noise reduction algorithm should …

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Jan 16

Orion Sword

Orion Sword taken with Borg 71FL and Canon 60D CentralDS

Sep 10

M42 & NGC1975 – Multilayer Processing (Second Part)

Multiscale Processing (Second Part) In the previous part we applied two iterations of a Multilayer processing; now we will go further with this techique Iteration number three: The third iteration will be a little different. On the large scale image we will use the LocalHistogramEqualization tool to reveal the faint nebulosity. To do this we …

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Sep 10

M42 & NGC1975 – Multilayer Processing (First Part)

Color Calibration and Dynamic Compression In the previous part we have gone through the HDRComposition process, obtaining an image which still seems to have some overexposed areas. The truth is that the image now is in 64 bits format and soon all the details inside the core of M42 will be revealed by the HDRMultiscaleTransform tool. …

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Sep 10

M42 & NGC1975 – HDRComposition

Beginning – HDR Composition To obtain the Orion Sword image I shot 4 sets of lights with different duration: 360 sec x 25 subs, 120 sec x 5 subs, 60 sec x 5 subs, 30 sec x 5 subs and finally 10 secs x 5 subs. The calibration, registration and integration of each set has been …

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Jan 09

Cintura di Orione

Orion belt

La cintura di Orione: uno dei campi più suggestivi del cielo invernale

Dec 30

M8 & M20 – Riduzione del rumore sui singoli canali

M8 & M20: ridurre il rumore su ogni canale separatamente.

Dec 28

M8 & M20

M8 & M20 riprese dal cielo di Forca Canapine

Dec 28

M8 & M20 – Deconvoluzione sui singoli canali

M8 & M20: applichiamo la deconvoluzione sui singoli canali RGB per ottenere risultati migliori

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